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Free Cleaning Services Contract Agreement

Here too, this can vary from one service provider to another and should usually be discussed with them. In addition, the general convention dictates that a basic home cleaning usually consists of sweeping, wiping and vacuuming floor, deep cleaning of the bathroom, buffing the carpet, and washing the windows. Changes, supplements or extensions of this cleaning contract are not considered binding if this is not done in the prescribed manner. Deliveries and equipment. The contractor makes available, at its own expense, its own cleaning products and equipment necessary for the provision and completion of the services defined in this agreement, unless the parties agree otherwise. If the client does not make the agreed supplies available, he is, after the client`s retrospective, at all costs incurred. PROVIDER will use its own products and supplies. If the customer requires the use of special or hypoallergenic products, the customer must notify the supplier before starting cleaning. The customer can supply the product. If the customer asks an ISP to use special products, an additional fee may be charged. You can use a budget agreement to let your customers know what they expect to do about the types of cleaning they want to do and the level of service and detail to be provided for each cleanup operation. The parties, i.e.

the “customer” and the “service provider” (name of the service provider) herely accept the terms of this cleaning agreement. They are collective to be called “parties.” A cleaning service contract is a contract between an owner, office manager, broker or building management company and a person or company that provides professional cleaning services. The agreement sets out the terms of the agreement between the cleaning service and the customer. VIII. This contract is a clean service contract between the parties, as mentioned above, and constitutes a comprehensive agreement between the two parties. It then replaces all pre-contract or non-contractual agreements between the two parties, namely.dem “customer” and “service provider.” A written cleaning service contact is essential. It provides the duties and expectations of each party. If the terms are not available in writing, they may not be applicable. It`s a good idea to review your local laws to confirm that you are following the rules. A licensed lawyer can check your contract and make suggestions to make sure everything is covered. The service provider is committed to providing services at the best of its ability at all times. (Here, the service provider must list its costs for each of the services it offers!) The service provider agrees that he is not employed by the client and that he is acting as an independent contractor for the duration of this cleaning contract.

In the absence of an end to this contract, the service provider may sign a contract with another person or agency in order to fulfill all the services contained in this contract without the client`s prior written consent. That`s the end of it. This cleaning contract can be terminated at any time by mutual agreement between the customer and the contractor. Service schedule.