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Dhs Telework Agreement

(2) “telework,” work done outside the service assigned by the worker. With respect to telework, the duties, duties and responsibilities of a staff member are the same as those of staff assigned to official duty stations. (i) inspections of HRC telework sites. OCDH officials can inspect an employee`s telework station: as many employees as possible should be prepared to work with: the identification, protection and availability of essential records, databases and hardcopy documents needed to support essential functions throughout the range of all-hazard emergencies are essential elements of a successful continuity plan and continuity program. The requirements for organizations to manage critical datasets in a continuity event are listed in Schedule I of the Federal Continuity Directive (CDF) 1. In addition, the National Archives – Records Management provides agencies and their collaborators with a guide that applies to federal data sets in a telework environment on NARA`s telework FAQs. Agencies need to set up and maintain a robust IT system with the necessary infrastructure (including bandwidth and VPN access) to deal with a sudden increase in the remote use of agency systems and accompanying technical support personnel to address remote connectivity issues. Agencies must also maintain a robust routine telework program. As many employees as possible should have telework; This means that they have telework systems, connectivity and equipment that meet their work needs and have frequent telework means, so systems are tested and known to work. Management must work to implement telework as widely as possible in order to fully exploit and guarantee the potential of telework for this purpose: the vast majority of agencies have adopted telework as an essential part of the COOP agency. The use of telework in this function allows our federal organizations to continue to work due to dangerous weather, a pandemic, physical attacks or other events that would lead to the closure of government buildings.

The Telework Improvement Act states that “any executive agency must include telework in the agency`s continuity plan.” Integrating telework into continuity plans means that these plans tell an organization`s staff of the means to perform the tasks and responsibilities necessary to continue the essential functions of the Organization during any type of threat or emergency from a telework location.