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Agreements That Allow Customers To Use The Seller`s Intellectual Property Are Referred To As

11. Non-compliant product 11.1. The non-compliant product is defined as a product that does not meet the specifications specified in the contract and is unsuitable for the contract`s use or is not suitable for the product ordered by the buyer. 11.2. The buyer does not accept non-compliant products. At the buyer`s discretion, the non-compliant product is immediately returned to the seller at the seller`s expense. In the case of non-compliant products, the seller must repair, rework or replace the non-compliant product. The buyer also has the right to reduce the price of the product on the basis of the buyer`s proper application. 11.3.

If the Seller does not repair, rework or replace the non-compliant product in a reasonable time, the buyer may carry out repairs or follow-up work on the product that does not comply with the Seller`s expenses. The seller must compensate the buyer at a reasonable cost. 11.4. The seller is liable for all damages, including loss of income and any costs incurred by a non-compliant product. 11.5. If the buyer finds an unselected product or a latent defect, the buyer must notify the Seller in writing within 14 days of notification of a non-compliance. The cost of setting up the recovery is 50 euros at the buyer`s expense by the seller. The seller is required to answer for recovery for 7 days. If the recovery has not been filed, it is not a waiver of the warranty. 11.6. In the event of disagreement between the parties, the independent expert may be ordered.

The costs of expertise are borne by the party who lost the case. 11.7. If the parties fail to reach a compromise for 60 days after the discovery of the non-compliant product, the purchaser may appeal to the court. A patent is distinguished from copyright by the fact that it does not protect the expressive content of a creative work such as a book or image, but protects a particular invention, such as a new book printing process or a new type of camera. Example: The owner of the Pinzon brand took the photos of the sheets below and holds the copyright in the sheet images. If a seller copied these images to sell their product on another details site, that seller could infringe the copyright of the rights holder in the sheet images.