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The Shattering: Enough to Lure Me Back?

As you’ve no doubt heard, as of today, the WoW we once knew is gone forever. Replacing it is WoW: The Re-Imagining, which brings with it new zones, updating questing, and all that blahbittyblah — you’ve heard it already. The important thing to take away is that this is probably the most exciting thing to happen to WoW, well, ever.

With all of this content, I’m tempted to go back and start the new character I’ve been waiting on. I’d wanted to roll a Goblin Druid, but they’re not allowed, so there’s not much point in waiting for Cataclysm to get started. Instead, I’ll probably roll troll because “once you go troll, you never re-roll.” And that I want a class I can change roles with. I don’t really feel like being shoehorned into filling a certain spot. When raid time comes — IF raid time comes for me — I want to be ready to play whatever I feel like at the time.

Something strange has happened while I’ve been gone, though: I really don’t want to pay a monthly fee. At least for something I’ve already experienced. A year ago, I wouldn’t have batted an eyelash at re-subscribing for this. Now though, it’s like, even with this fresh coat of paint, WoW is still WoW. It’ll be fun, but is it really that much better than all of the things I could play for free? I have a lifetime subscription to LotRO, another free month in FFXIV, and a bevy of non-MMO style games just waiting to be picked up – Assassin’s Creed 2, Brotherhood, Darksiders, Black Ops, Just Cause 2, Mass Effect 2. I have no shortage of non-committal fun right now and it’s all built up a pretty big wall against that — ugh, I hate this expression — 800 lb. gorilla we call WoW. By the way, did you hear they’re re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic?

For as much as I love WoW, distance this time hasn’t necessarily made the heart grow fonder. Instead, I think I’ve matured a little bit and this hype train isn’t quite getting to me like it used to. Is this how MMO gamers age?

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be back without a doubt. I just thought it was worth noting that WoW is veering away from this “get it as soon as it’s available” place for me. Maybe it’s just a result of being stuck in the stagnation that’s been MMOs for the last year and “more of the same” for the two years before that. The truth is, even though I still play them and have fun with them, I feel further from MMOs now than I have since I first started. FFXIV is so different that it almost stands apart from other MMOs, right down to how it impacts me as a player I guess.

Ironically, it may be WoW that changes that. I don’t hold much doubt that leveling a new character in Cataclysm will elevate MMOs back into the top of my gaming roster. Leveling a character in WoW is one of the best solo experiences any MMO player could ask for and I enjoy it. Add into that the November and December updates for FFXIV and I feel that familiar feeling brewing. It’s really a question of when I’ll get to break this funk.

What do you think, guys. Are you going back for the Shattering, waiting till Cataclysm, or taking a pass on all of it?


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  1. Morganic

    The Shattering has managed to lure me back. It is my inevitable WoW cycle of being lured back to the game every new expansion pack. It has happened with BC, WotLK, and now Cata. Though the reason this time is different, I want to re-roll a new character and work my way back up. I have no real desire to try and play my 80’s, other than maybe exploring high level areas.

  2. Genda

    I’ll be back of course. But not because I’m a WoW head. The $15 for a monthly sub is less than if I bought a game every 4 months, so that doesn’t stop me.

    Community is the thing that brings me back. And I know WoW has a mixed reputation but if you play with people you like you can definitely enjoy the game at a higher level.

    I’m still having fun with it though. Trying to get all the Pilgrim quests done on my 2 main Horde characters, and enjoying every minute of it.
    Genda recently posted..Vanguard Crafters is Closed

  3. Maxivik

    I will not be playing for a couple of reasons:

    1. My wife banned me from playing.

    2. At the end of the day it is still the same game, a great game that will always conflict with my personality of wanting to excel at it. I know I can’t devote enough time to, so I am not going to even pretend. I say it is the same game though, because inevitably the same grinds will occur, the same desire to get gear, the same drive to get a good arena team, level the alts, or just sink time into crafting.. New features and other fun things aside, If i was younger (though I am still young, the 9-5 job, wife and puppy NEED my time) I would for sure play with my friends in a heart beat. Life priorities have necessarily shifted me away from the MMO genre. Without real time to play, I know I am never happy with the casual mindset, I simply won’t have much fun. Some people will make the argument that it has become easier to get in and out with being as productive, but that is only true to achieve a certain level of achievement. For me it has to be cutting edge or go home… a true curse.

    Screen shots for me pls!

  4. Scarybooster

    I logged in tonight and did a fly by. I’m on a free 7 day welcome back thing. After today I’m done playing till Cataclysm. Grand Turismo will have my free time till then. I started new toon on River’s PvP Horde server. I figured when I comeback I’ll try the game totally fresh. I played Alliance for 6 years, it’s time for change
    Scarybooster recently posted..Guilds Gone Wild

  5. Morganic

    After playing for 5 hours as a gnome priest tonight, I have to say that this is the revamp that Azeroth has needed for some time now. The questing flows perfectly with 2-3 quests from a small area and then moving onwards.

  6. Jomu

    gonna pass on it; went back to WoW too many times and became addicted each time. Waiting for Guild Wars 2 🙂
    I understand the feeling of wanting not to pay the monthly fee; its like all mmos are going that route with a cashshop.
    Jomu recently posted..No Room to Breathe

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