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PSA: Ferrel hasn’t been posting here, WP bug

Hey Guys,

I just noticed tonight that the last 10 posts or so were tagged as being written by Ferrel, when, in fact, they were written by me. I don’t recall noticing this any other time I’ve logged in (10 posts is a couple weeks time), so I think it happened tonight when I was doing some editing. Just in case, though, here’s the notice. 😉

Ferrel is still keeping Epic Slant as strongly as ever. I set him up with a profile here in case he ever wanted to drop by. All of the posts appearing here so far have been by Ryan or myself. Although if Ferrel ever did want to stop by, we certainly wouldn’t stop him.

Sorry for the confusion!


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  1. Ferrel

    The illusion is gone! The curtain is down! Embrace the truth.

    Chris and Ferrel are the same person! /mindblow

  2. Maxivik

    That adds a new interesting dynamic to the podcast. I suppose that means Riknas is also Chris and Ferrel. Rename the title, A Gamers Discussion with Himself. A marketing jackpot I tell you.

    1. Chris "Syeric" Coke

      Hah, visions of Fight Club dance through my head.

  3. We Fly Spitfires

    Ah… I did wonder 🙂

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